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Publications and Activities


  • Die Politik der kleinen Schritte
    Use of Open Source products within a small ensurance company
    in: IT-Mittelstand (www.itmittelstand.de), 2004/10

  • Stets zu Diensten? Hochverfügbarkeit für unternehmenswichtige Server,
    About high-availability for business critical servers
    in: Der Entwicker (www.derentwickler.de), 2005/04

Technical Whitepapers


  • As an active member of itSMF (IT Service Management Forum Deutschland e.V., http://itsmf.de) I participate regularly in meetings, discussions and conferences since 2003. I am part of the organizational team of the regional forum Rhein/Main (Frankfurt).

  • Being a member of GPM (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Projektmanagement e.V., http://gpm-ipma.de) since 2009 I regularly visit the meetings of the regional group in Frankfurt with conferences and discussions around project management. I am an active member of the expert group TurnAround PM.

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